FLOWSTAR anti set-off spray powder

Founded in 1992

After many years of research and practical testing, chemist Peter Wolf succeeded in manufacturing an anti set-off spray powder of excellent quality in various grain sizes. The first batches of organic anti set-off spray powders emerged at Heimberg, near Thun in Switzerland. Demand for the product grew rapidly, and the private company was converted into a limited liability company in 1999.

The company relocated into new premises in 2010, with a world-wide network of customers that was expanding continuously. At this stage, Wolf Marktnischen GmbH was renamed FLOWSTAR GmbH. In fact, this name is not entirely new – if “Wolf” is written in reverse, it becomes “Flow”, which is a reference to the outstanding fluidity of our powder. The existing production facilities have been modernised and renovated in order for the company to achieve the logical, secure and clean production quality requirements of the BRC Global Standards – the first manufacturer of anti set-off spray powder in the world to do so.

BRC briefly explained

FLOWSTAR GmbH’s new and extremely modern Minergie-standard production operation lies surrounded by lush green fields and meadows, where nuts, potatoes, maize, rape and other valuable natural products are being cultivated sustainably and carefully. The community of Pfaffnau lies in the Canton of Lucerne, in the middle of Switzerland, and is less than an hour from Zurich, Basel, Bern, Lucerne and Zug by car.

As you, our much-appreciated and valued customers, can see, FLOWSTAR GmbH is very well prepared to face the continuously-expanding global markets and rising quality standards of the future.


We mainly distribute our anti set-off spray powder world-wide under private labels and through selected partners within the specialist graphics retail trade. Our satisfied customers in approximately 40 different countries include machinery manufacturers, producers of printing ink and chemicals and specialist retailers.

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