17 good reasons

  • FLOWSTAR powder is a biologically degradable anti set-off spray powder made from plant-based materials. Poses no danger to health!
  • Special manufacturing process using a unique plasticizer! Excellent pouring qualities.
  • Can be universally used in at least 90 % of cases.
  • Lacquering, laminating and coating processes can be carried out at a later stage and without any problem in the majority of cases. It can also be used for in-line lacquering using aqueous dispersion emulsions.
  • FLOWSTAR powder produces a smooth finish and a high gloss.
  • Less powder is used compared to competitors’ products. Less consumption = less cost = less dust!
  • Safe to use, even on food packaging.
  • No mechanical damage to sprays and other equipment.
  • No lumps. Every batch, no matter how small, is sieved twice over.
  • FLOWSTAR powder can be used in all types of sprays.
  • No need for additional anti-static products.
  • FLOWSTAR anti set-off spray powder is adsorbed by printing ink.
  • No scouring (“sandpaper”) effect
  • Trouble-free in use.
  • We do not use genetically modified raw materials.
  • The company is certified to ISO 9001
  • The products are certified to BRC/IoP (food packaging)


ISO 9001 and BRC/IoP certification was first achieved in 2009. Since then, we have improved our management system and product safety on a continuous basis so that we remain well-prepared for the increasing requirements of the pharmaceuticals and food industries into the future.

our spray powder

We are a swiss manufacturer of high quality anti set-off spray powder.